Free birthday bashes!

Friday or Saturday

“What kind of insane Club will give you 51 free VIP passes for a huge weekend birthday bash?”

Take a guess!

AREA 51 has been asked hundreds and hundreds of times,

“It’s my birthday this week… could I maybe… get in for free this weekend?” Like duh!

Not only will we (in our fantastic awesome’ness) let YOU IN FOR FREE on the weekend of your birthday,,

We will also let in 51 of your friends for your HUGE weekend party!

Talk about a CRAZY birthday bash “on-the-cheap”!

Are you FREAKING out? Great. Then you will fit right in! ;) So Email and Facebook up your friends for your free party today! :)

Best to invite early. More people come out for your super-cool birthday bash that way.

But wait,,, is there a catch? Nope, no catch! Just a few rules to help us pull it off for you.

Here are the rules:*

1.) You, (or the birthday girl/boy) must have a government issued I.D. showing that your birthday does fall within 7 days before or after the Friday or Saturday night you have chosen for your party.  (This is really hard stuff right?)

2.) You, (or the birthday girl/boy) give the door man your list with up to 51 VIP guest names on it. After you do THEY CAN ALL FOLLOW YOU IN FOR FREE.

3.) Refer to rule number 2! You MUST provide a legible guest list to the front door before we can admit your VIP guests. No exceptions,,, because it makes a big mess otherwise. ;)

(Are you kidding? Is this all it takes?)



from all of us at AREA 51



DJ Jeremiah

DJ Radar

DJ Evil K

DJ Viking

And every bloody body else at AREA 51 as well! – Much love. See you soon.


*Offer valid for weekend bashes (Friday or Saturday) only.

*Excludes special events. Fetish Ball, Concerts, Major Holidays (Halloween, New Years Eve)