The Weekly Lineup



Q: Can you tell me about your club?

A: Area 51 is Salt Lake’s premier alternative dance club and we’ve been getting people to dance their a$$ for over 10 years! Huge and fun it features two levels each with it’s own bar and dance floor. We’re open during the week each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and each day features a different theme and dance-able playlist & drink specials. Just click on the weekly line up tab for detailed information and sample songs. Every month we also host special events during holidays and a monthly Fetish Ball. Peruse through the FAQ, the pages of the website, and even our Facebook fan page for more details about all the freakily awesome goings on here.



Q: What kind of music do you play….?

A: Depends on the night! To get an idea directly you can listen to tracks specific to each of our nights. Just click on the Weekly Lineup Tab above to check out our Thursday, Friday, and Saturday tracks!


Q: Do you have a ladies night?

A: Yes! Thursdays before 10pm all you lovely ladies get in for FREE!


Q: Do you play hip hop?

A: Your best shot is on Friday when DJ Jeremiah is happy to mix in some hip hop for you.  +_+  Otherwise :Area 51 specializes in playing the most danceable pop, alternative rock, 80’s, industrial, electronic music. There’s a little hip hop in there but it’s artfully mixed in with music from other genres to keep you grooving all night.



The “Fetish Ball”




Fetish Ball:


Q: What is Fetish Ball?

A: Salt Lake City’s signature sexy night held during the last Saturday of each month. Each month features a different theme from sinfully sexy to fantasy flirtatious. This night we also host fetish vendors, exotic burlesque and cage dancing, and/or sexy bondage and piercing demo’s.



Q: When is the Fetish Ball?

A: Join us for all the freaky Fetish fun on the last Saturday of each month. Go ahead and “Like” our Facebook fan page and get detailed info on the theme, vendors, etc.



Q: So does fetish ball count as a special event and void out the free birthday thing?

A: Fetish Ball is a special event and the Free Birthday Bash promo is not available so all patrons must pay the cover charge.



Q: What’s the theme for fetish night?

A: Get detailed information on each months theme on our Facebook fan page.



Q: How old do I need to be for Fetish Ball?

A: Area51 is a 18+ club right now so as long as you have a legal photo id you should be good to go – even on Fetish Night :) So come on over to dance and have fun. Note: you must be 21+ to enter the bar however.



Birthdays & Special Events




Q: Do you do anything special for birthdays?

A: We certainly do! How does a Free Birthday Bash sound? Check out Free Birthday Bashes! page for details:


Q: Can I have my birthday on Fetish Night or is that exempt?

A: Fetish Ball is a special event and the Free Birthday Bash promo is not available.


Q: I want to have a birthday at Area 51 how do I do that?

A: Awesome! Check out our Free Birthday Bashes!page for details on how to have a Free birthday bash for you and 51 guests!


Q: I’m planning on having my birthday there soon, do I need to call beforehand?

A: You don’t need to call before hand.
Your best action is: 1) Show up right as we *open the club (9pm or 8pm Fetish Ball evening) with your own ID’s – so the door man can verify. 2) Give him your guest list so he can check your friends in when they arrive.
*Showing up right as doors open and before your friends ensures that they get in free of charge – provided they all have legal id’s of course and they are on the guest list you provided.



Special Events:




Q: Can I reserve your club for a private party?

A: We would love to reserve the club for your special event. Choose any night we are not normally open (Sunday thru Tuesday generally unless otherwise noted). Send us an email with details about your party via Facebook or at area51social@gmail.com


Q: What’s going on during a holiday?

A: Glad you asked! Check out our Facebook fan page for details on our events.


Q: What is the Zodiac Ball?

A: The Zodiac Ball is an intriguing monthly event held the second Saturday of the month. Each month we feature a sign of the Zodiac and whomever was born under that sign gets in free of charge! We will also have tarot & palm readers, exotic performances, & vendors. So come in a celebrate the “stars” of the zodiac with us!


Q: What is the Dark Arts Festival?

A: This is a special 3-day long yearly event that brings you the best in Gothic & Alternative culture. Featuring live bands, performances, intriguing characters, arts, vendors, for a full weekend of dark & sexy goodness not seen anywhere else in the country!


Q: How do I get my band to play at your club?

A: Go ahead and send us an email here at: area51social@gmail.com or find us on Facebook: Area Fiftyone Slc



The Club




Q: How do I get there?

A: Just click here for easy directions & a map.


Q: What should I wear? What’s the dress code?

A: We encourage you to dress to impress but don’t feel like you are locked into a “code”. Have fun looking your best or coming in theme during our special events or Fetish Night and you’re sure to catch someone’s eye. And who knows, if you come in your best camera-ready threads you just might land on a magazine cover!


Q: How much does it cost to get in?

A: Generally the cover is:
$7 for 18yrs to 20yrs and $5 for 21+ each night.
Ladies get in for free of charge before 10pm on Thursday.
Special events such as the Dark Arts Festival have special ticket pricing so please see our Facebook fan page for details.


Q: Will my school id work?

A: No. What does work is any government issued ID such as:
Your driver’s license
A state ID
A passport
*a paper form of any government issued ID such as a temporary drivers license will work as long as the photo is clear and the information is legible.


Q: Is there a membership?

A: There is no membership required to enter our club. You must be 18 or over to enter the club itself and 21 or over to enter the bar area so please bring your ID with you. There is also generally a cover charge for each night so please plan accordingly.


Q: How old do you have to be to get in?

A: We are currently an 18+ club, (one of the only ones around) and will be glad to see you any of the nights we are open. Just bring your legal ID as proof of eligibility.


Q: What’s your contact info?

A: Feel free to contact at the following:
Email: area51social@gmail.com
Facebook: Club Area 51 fan page
Twitter: @area51slc


Q: Are you hiring dancers?

A: We don’t have “resident” dancers that are paid but feel free to get your exhibitionist freak on any night we are open – we love it! And the security make sure to keep the grabby guys at bay too. Come early and help create the mood to dance!


Q: Are you hiring?

A: Feel free to stop in during operating hours to pick up an application and we’d be happy to look it over!


Q: Help I lost something – how can I get it back?

A: Just contact us via email with details (area51social@gmail.com). Also if the lost item is still on the premises you may recover it at the front desk or one of our staff will retrieve it from the lost and found. Just come in during operating hours.