OLD _ RESERVE SOME SPACE (on a club night)

Just need some space for ‘you and yours’ on a special night?

As long as its simple, and you are willing to get here early to set up your area with whatever bling / schwag you want to bring along, then we are  happy to help out if we can :)

Please read this FULLY, as you will DEFINITELY need to know:

Here is what we can do, and what we can’t:

1 – This is a courtesy because we love you,,, so you will need to be responsible for the following

  • You do not need to call ahead or interact with the club before the night of your arrival, BUT,
  • We will not be able to get you set up once the club begins to fill up with people, as at that point our staff will be occupied
  • Bring any decorations or props (etc) that you want to include with you at this time.
  • Again, arrive at 9pm, so we can work with you for your special night :)

2 – Since this is a courtesy to our awesome guests and is free of charge, it is not a guarantee of reserved space. See below

  • This service may not be available during special events. (E.G. Fetish ball, etc)
  • This service will not be available during major holidays (E.G. New years and Halloween, etc)

3 – Cover still applies

  • All guests will still need to pass the front door in the normal way. This includes the following
  • Government issued ID
  • Applicable cover charge

4 – “Are there ways for me and my guests to get in for free?”

  • Yup! We offer several promotions that are geared toward exactly that!
  • You can encourage them to “Get Freaky for Free” by registering here in this website, and they can use their “free freaky’ness” to attend your party. Just give them this link.
  • If it’s your birthday you are coming for then you have come to the right place! We have a birthday promo that is just what you are looking for.Click here and pass it on! ;)

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