OLD _ YOUR LARGE EVENT (non club night)

Want the big deal, the whole deal, and nothing less will do? Not a problem!

Bringing down the house is your specialty?

We are on board! this package includes service for as many as you can pack in!
Your guests will pay for your BIG bash with their attendance, and you will enjoy the full spectrum of services and amenities AREA 51 has to offer. Both levels will be yours, including both bars, all the seating you can handle, both patios, all three dance ready areas including the massive upstairs floor complete with more than seventy thousand dollars in intelligent lighting and sound gear to dazzle your attendees with your star entertainers.

Want to keep your hands clean and let take care of the entertainment? We can provide you with one of our veteran performers who have been killing it for over a decade. Huge musical selection and fantastic technical and crowd pleasing skills included for only $200 bucks included in your deposit… And you get that back too, after your raving fans cover your costs!

1 – Your guests pay whatever cover you specify. (one dollar, ten dollars, whatever you want)
2 – At the end of the day, you get your entire deposit back from the cover charge above.
3 – No catch. If our costs are covered, so are yours.

Mega-Value, at no cost to you.
Try getting that anywhere else!

This package + services requires a deposit of $1,495 to cover its costs.

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